Become a General Member

Join an organization focused on supporting innovation in Canada through enabling Canadian Accelerators and Incubators to become their best. We help our members to access national and international networks and perspectives, connect with their peers and learn from each other, and leverage our network effect and collective voice to generate greater impact and better serve our communities.


To be a General Member of CAIN you must be an Canadian Accelerator and/or Incubator. We define an Accelerator and Incubator as any organization whose primary function is to support and develop growing Canadian companies and entrepreneurs. All must also be incorporated in some capacity and have at least one full-time paid employee.

Intake Form

This General Member Intake will help us onboard you by ensuring we involve the right members of your team in the most appropriate ways, and better serve you.

You are required to provide a primary and secondary contact for CAIN from your organization. These individuals need to have the following leadership capabilities to be able to represent your organization within CAIN:

  • Insight into the organization’s strategic planning and future direction at a leadership level
  • Visibility and decision-making authority on budget and related sustainability plans
  • Insight into the organization's needs and challenges relating to government and policy
  • Authority over direction and strategy of programming and events (as opposed to program or event delivery)
    • Ex. A program manager who runs a program with no budget authority would not be suitable.
    • A VP of Venture Services who decides what programs to invest in and can approve the organization’s decisions in that area would be.