Mission + Vision

Be an impact-driven network that supports the growth of accelerators and incubators across Canada through collaboration, education, connection, and national and international stakeholder strategic exchanges.

A network of sustainable and successful accelerators and incubators across Canada, marking Canada as an international leader in values-driven innovation and ecosystem growth.


Executive Director, Founder

Stacey Wallin

Stacey Wallin is the Founder and Executive Director of CAIN with a background in founding and growing companies and in the investment banking industry. Through her role as Director of Venture Programs for the BC Tech Association, she led the team developing accelerators for companies in BC with a mandate of solving the largest ecosystem and policy-related challenges facing growth and scale stage technology companies.

Stacey herself has founded three organizations, including CAIN. The first was LifeBooster, a tech startup now helping Fortune 100 clients detect and proactively respond to workplace injury risks. Stacey was also the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Numinus, a publicly traded company on the TSX-V creating an ecosystem of health solutions centred around developing and supporting the safe, evidence-based, accessible use of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and at the forefront of addressing the growing prevalence of mental health issues and the desire for greater wellness.

Managing Director

Chris Diaper

Chris started his career by obtaining a PhD in chemistry and working in the pharmaceutical sector. He ran the chemistry program for a Canadian startup. He then transitioned from research to business development, covering sales in European and North American markets for a Canadian CRO. 

In the next phase of his career Chris spent a decade working for TEC Edmonton. He started in the University of Alberta technology transfer group and then served on the executive team for 7 years as Director of Strategic Partnerships. His team was responsible for grant funding, data reporting, and the creation of an international program that included partnerships with incubators and accelerators across Asia and Latin America. 

During this time Chris became the community lead for the national Business Accelerator and Incubator Performance Measurement Framework project.  He worked with ISED and community working groups to take the project through its feasibility and pilot stages, which included the voluntary participation of over 30 Canadian BAIs. Chris joined CAIN as Managing Director in the Fall of 2021. He retains his role with the BAI PMF, which CAIN now manages.

CAIN Board